Your application

The application form is the first step in the selection process and is an important part of the application process which allows applicants to highlight why they are interested in a role, the knowledge and experience they have and why they feel this makes them suitable for the position. 

Before you start

Read all the information first to make sure that the job details are suitable for you. Most adverts will contain a Job Profile, Job Description or Person Specification and may contain other attachments.

Check the closing date to ensure your application form reaches us on time. We will not normally consider application forms we receive after the closing date.

Lastly, please note we do not accept applications via CV, applications should be made online through our recruitment system.

Essential documents to read

The job profile – this outlines the main purpose, responsibilities and duties of the job.

The person profile – this details what is required from a person to ensure the job is done effectively. The criteria are split into two sections – those that are essential and those which are desirable i.e. those which would be an advantage to have but are not essential for the role. The criteria are grouped into six areas: knowledge and experience, qualifications, key skills, one rotherham values and employee/manager expectations and general requirements.

Completing the form

General pointers

  • Read the instructions on the application form.
  • Ensure you address all of the shortlisting criteria in your application. A long application mayn not be a quality application if it doesn't address all of the criteria.
  • Your application form should be specific to the job you are applying for.
  • Make sure the information you give us is clear and easy to understand.
  • We don’t make any assumptions about you or your abilities so if you don’t tell us we won’t know. If you are an internal applicant, you mustn’t take it for granted that the shortlisting panel will know your details. 

Personal details

Your personal details will already be entered onto the form as they should be the same as those you entered when registering. If any of your details have changed make the changes on the application form and it will automatically update your registration. If you are invited to the selection process we will need to see various documents to check the information you have supplied is correct e.g. proof of your National Insurance number.

Education and training

If we ask for a qualification in the person profile, make sure that you give us all the information we ask for, for example, grades, level and length of the qualification/study. You can also include any other qualifications you consider relevant to your application. If we ask you to come to the selection process, we will need to see your original qualification/training certificate(s) or proof from the examining body.

Professional and Technical organisations

Please provide details of any organisations that you are a member of which you feel are relevant to your application, again we may ask to see your membership documents.

Other training

Include any short courses, seminars or workplace training you have done that you feel are relevant to your application. Indicate the length of course/training.

Employment history

Enter the names and addresses of all your employers both past and present. Start with the your most recent or current employment. Don’t forget work experience and voluntary or unpaid work.

Give brief details of the duties you undertook for each of your jobs. For your current or most recent job we also need your salary/wage, and if you are still employed, the period of notice required by your employer.

Gaps in employment – If there are any gaps in your employment history please tell us why, for example, if you were unemployed, in education etc.


You need to give details of two people (not relatives) to act as referees. If you have worked before or are currently working, one referee must be your present or last employer. If you are a student, your referee should be your college tutor. Your work referees should be people in senior positions who know about your experience, knowledge and skills etc, and ideally have acted as your direct line manager.

We may also need to get references from any of your past employers and may follow up written references by talking directly to referees. We will only contact your referees if you are offered the post.

Please note that as well as asking your referee for their comments on your experience, knowledge, skills, and so on, we will also ask for details about your absence and current disciplinary record.

Skills and experience

Using the person profile, explain how your experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities meet the requirements of the job. It is not enough just to say that you are able to do the job, give examples of how you have used your skills and experience, showing successful results. But do remember quality not quantity!

Criminal convictions

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working for us as we do not discriminate against ex-offenders. We will only take account of previous convictions if the nature of the offence is relevant to the type of work you would be doing. If the post you have applied for is exempt from Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (as stated in the job advert and job/person profile) then you will also be required to tell us about any ‘spent’ convictions you may have.

The job and person profile (job specific notes or general requirements section) and the job advert will tell you whether the job requires a criminal records check and at what level e.g. basic, standard or enhanced. If details given in your application or from the criminal records check indicate any offences that are cause for concern we will discuss this in detail with you either at the selection process or in a separate discussion. The outcome of this discussion may result in us not progressing your application any further or withdrawing a conditional offer of employment.

If you would like advice or guidance regarding a conviction please email the HR Service Centre at  by clicking here All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Please note: Failure to declare a conviction, caution or pending police action which later comes to light could result in dismissal.

Right to work in the UK

Legislation requires all employers in the UK to undertake basic document checks on every person they intend to employ to ensure they are eligible to work in the UK.

Current driving licence

You only need to complete this section if there is a requirement in the job and person profile for you to hold a driving licence.

Disabled applicants

We need to know if you consider yourself disabled as all disabled applicants who meet the essential shortlisting criteria are guaranteed an invitation to the selection process. We recognise and welcome our responsibility to remove any barriers in our recruitment process for disabled applicants.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to working towards equal opportunities and aim to make sure that everyone is treated fairly no matter of their:

| gender | marital status | disability | religion | age | race | sexuality |

It is our policy to make sure that everyone is given an equal opportunity in both access to employment and employment practices. Nobody will receive less favourable treatment, or be placed at a disadvantage by conditions or requirements which are not necessary.


We want to make sure that our equal opportunities policy is working so we need you to fill in the equal opportunities monitoring section of the application form. We hope you don’t mind us asking for this personal information but we have a legal duty to monitor information on equal opportunities. Please note that the shortlisting and selection panel do not see this information.

Data protection

We will only use the information on your application form for our recruitment and selection process, and also to check the effectiveness of this process. As we will be able to identify you from the personal details you have given us, we will treat this information as confidential.

If you are unsuccessful, all your electronic application details will be deleted automatically from our system within 12 months. Any paper based details will be confidently destroyed six months after the recruitment process.


You must not try and get support from, or try to influence any Councillor or senior employee of the Council. For school vacancies, you must not approach governors or head teachers for support. This action will disqualify your application.

We need to know if you are related to a Councillor or senior Council employee, so please fill in this section of the application form.

As you cannot sign the form by submitting it you:

  • Agree to us storing and using your personal information for this recruitment and selection exercise
  • Confirm all details supplied in the form are correct.

The Council reserves the right to verify any of the data supplied in your application.